Anonymous asked:
Who was your favorite Man Bummer model to work with?

I can’t pick a favorite because they are all such wonderful guys who I know personally. Tyler is great because he is comfortable in who he is and doesn’t mind being a straight guy modeling for a gay company. Andrew I’ve known for years so working with him just feels natural. Juliyan is also a straight guy who is used to working around gay males so it was very easy and comfortable for him to do what was needed for the shoot. Carlos is used to being in his underwear as he is a dancer so this was nothing out of the ordinary for him plus he’s just a nice and charming person. And Emilio and Eric are also friends with me and they are both really silly characters so during their shoot their was a lot of laughter which diffused the tension that was initially there due to the fact Eric had never done something like this.

Anonymous asked:
So what was it like working for an underwear company? Is that going to be like your "thing"? You're really good at it so that's why I asked.

Man Bummers was my first partnership ever so going into it I was a little intimidated by the fact I was working with an actual company. But once I knew who to talk to and what they were looking for in their photos I got comfortable and set out to make the company proud. Overall it was a great experience and everyone was so supportive of me. Anything I needed to make things easier I received. The guys on the team are like real friends, heck they even got me a birthday gift this year :) Of course none of my success was possible without my stunning model friends (they deserve most of the credit).

Is the whole male underwear thing going to be a regular staple of my photographic portfolio? Honestly I’m not sure. I mean I can’t deny that working with a bunch of hot guys is fun but at the same time if you do something too much it can get stale and boring. Only time will tell.

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I think you’ve really brought the pic to life! The brightness, contrast & colour saturation changes really lift the image :-)

Thank you so much :)

A photographer’s time is almost as valuable as his camera to them. That being said if you have an appointment stick to it. Be on time to your photo session and don’t have the photographer waiting especially during outdoor photography. If for some reason you cannot make your appointment be courteous and respectful, call your photographer well in advance and let them know you cannot attend and must either cancel or reschedule. Its just respectful and most photographers are very understanding of situations that arise.

I work hard as  photographer. My blood, sweat and tears have been put into this business.

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever collaborated with another photographer?

No not really

Anonymous asked:
YAY! You heard my pleas! Emilio is a Man Bummer model now! Now that I know he modeled it I can get one for myself. You think he would sign it?

Well I’ll be honest I chose Emilio because he fit my vision for what I had for the shoot but whatever makes you happy :) 

To answer your question he might sign it though you sent this anonymously so he has no idea who you are :P

Anonymous asked:
Eric and Emilio are beautiful. They don't seem like a couple but they make a good duo.

I’m glad you think they made a good pairing.